bistro égalité
2F Estrargo Meguro, 2-23-2 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Classic French cuisine with generous portions, typical of a bistro. And when paired with a rare local menu and a selection of hand-crafted wines from all over France, it’s truly a “French journey at the table!” A French journey at your table! Also available in sharing style.


Special Dishes

Advance booking required. All prices exclude tax.


  • A. Course ¥5,500

    - 1 sparkling wine
    - Plateau aperitif
    - Potage de legumes
    - Choisissez le plat principal
    --> Today's meat dish
    --> Today's fish dishes
    --> Red wine stew of beef cheek meat (+¥500)
    --> Duck confit (+¥500)
    - Dessert
    - After-meal drink

  • B. Course Spécial ¥7,000

    - 1 sparkling wine
    - Plateau aperitif
    - Potage de legumes
    - Today's meat dish
    - Today's fish dishes
    - Dessert
    - After-meal drink

Dinner Menu

*Bread is included as an appetiser ¥300 / person
*All prices do not include tax.
*Please make sure to order one drink per person.

◎お通しとしてパンがつきます ¥300 / おひとり

Appetizers Menu

  • Potage of seasonal vegetables ¥600

    Potage of vegetables from farmers in various regions.

  • Pickles ¥600

  • Carottes râpées ¥600

  • Marinated Olive & Cheese ¥900

  • Green Salad ¥1,050

  • Terrine Maison ¥1,050

    Chef's Recommendation! Terrine Maison.

  • Jambon persillé ¥1,200

    A classic appetizer from Burgundy
    Leg of pork, ham and parsley in jelly

  • Bagna càuda ¥1,200

    Enjoy seasonal vegetables with a sauce of sake steal♪

  • Caesar Salad ¥1,300

  • Galette Aurélienne ¥1,400

    A galette I learned from a French friend.Ham, cheese and eggs topped with a generous amount of salad!

  • Fresh fish carpaccio ¥1,400

    Carpaccio of fresh fish from Amakusa, Kumamoto

  • Lyon Style Salad ¥1,500

    Lyon Regional Cuisine, Chicken Liver and Poached Egg Salad

  • Spanish-style Garlic Shrimp ¥900

  • Today's quiche ¥1,050

  • Lasagna-style mashed potatoes ¥1,150

    Home Cooking Lasagna-Style Gratin with Mashed Potatoes

  • Gratin Dauphinois ¥1,150

    Mille-feuille gratin with potatoes from the Dauphine region

  • Mussels white wine steamed ¥1,400

    Classic wine steaming from Brussels

  • Escargots(6P) ¥1,800

    With escargot butter with lots of parsley & garlic.

  • Foie gras poêlé ¥2,400

  • pâté・saucisson・jambon ¥3,000

    Pate, sausage, cured ham, etc.

Main Dishes



  • Ask! Today’s fish ¥2,000

  • Bretagne-style stewed fish ¥2,400

    Regional Cuisine of Brittany Chef's Specialties
    Seafood in a rich cream sauce (Seasonal product)


  • Ask! Today’s meat ¥2,000

  • Specialty Sausage ¥2,400

    Toulouse's specialties
    Crispy, coarsely ground sausage with lots of herbs

  • Choucroute Garnie ¥2,500

    Alsace Regional Cuisine  Pork Confit & Sauerkraut

  • Duck confit ¥2,600

    Marinated with duck fat and plenty of herbs

  • Red wine stew of beef cheek ¥2,600

    Our signature menu with a 5-day finishing time  Chef's Specialties

  • Roasted lamb ¥2,600

    Chef's skillful roast that locks in the flavor of the meat. Babette Steak

  • Fried meat steak ¥2,600

    A Lyon classic.
    Bistro-style beef lamb steak with chef's special sauce.

  • Cassoulet ¥3,300

    Carcassonne Specialties
    Duck confit & braised sausage with white beans

Apres le repas

  • French noodle ¥1,200

    French noodle kneaded with eggs and wheat.

  • Today’s risotto ¥1,200

  • Assorted Cheese 2pieces of 2types ¥1,200
    4pieces of 2types ¥2,400


  • Today’s dessert ¥660

    Dessert plates are available at our restaurant for birthdays and celebrations. Please let us know when you make a reservation in advance so that we can add your name or message.


  • Soft drink ¥500~

  • Alcohols ¥750~

  • Glass of wine ¥850~

  • Bottle of wine ¥4,800~

Dinner private sales

We receive requests for private parties for various purposes, such as company get-togethers, social events, wine parties and wedding celebrations.
Please feel free to discuss your budget and courses with us.

– Charge

Seated 32 (35 with auxiliary seating)
Standing room seating: 45 persons

Per floor: from 165,000 yen ~ (tax included)